Veiled in green and away from the hustle and bustle of the common hill station, Hotel New Ratandeep is situated at the foothills of the Kumbhalgarh hills.

It offers a comfortable and peaceful stay with all basic amenities. The management has an expertise of almost 20 years to serve the tourist and It has been a home for the tourist from different parts of India & all over the World.

The Hotel has been recommended by almost all famous guide books written in different languages including “The Lonely Planet”, “Neose Nord” , “Routard” , “Foot Print”, “Thomas Barkemeier Rajasthan” , “Rajasthan Dumont” .

Hotel Ratandeep offers opulent rooms and comforts for the discerning traveler. An elegant lobby and courteous staff envelop you with our warm hospitality. As far as business trips are concerned, Hotel Ratandeep offers just the perfect ambience for a memorable stay. A well-designed soothing interior with elegant entrance exposes the bustle of the world outside.

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